Anonymous asked:

from what i can tell from your tumblr, your daughter has a great mother. you are loving and caring, and i think you're a good example. you're self-confident and don't let others bring you down. also, you are really beautiful. i hope you have a nice day :)

Aw, thanks so much, this really made me smile :) I try really hard being the best mom I can be, through ups and downs ;) But I love her like crazy and that’s the most important thing I think. 

I had a lovely day, thank you. We went to the city and Nona showed me all the things she would like to get for her upcoming birthday, which was a lot ;) Hope you have a lovely day as well xx



Curious History:  The Cafe from Hell - The World’s First Theme Restaurant

This cavern of writhing demon statues is Le Cafe de L’Enfer (The Cafe from Hell) in Paris’ red light district (aka Pigalle, the neighborhood of the Moulin Rouge). It opened in the late 19th century and operated until the middle of the 20th century. It is the world’s first theme restaurant. The cafe featured waiters dressed as devils and a doorman who screamed damnation at customers as they came in to be seated.