Tattoo Tuesday - v.1

Proud to have my lovely friend Kim Lie as the first edition! And special thanks to Danielle from Sometimes Sweet to let me continue this series here. Enjoy!


Name/Blog name: Kim Lie,
Age: 22
Occupation: full time mommy
Age of first tattoo: 18
Favorite tattoo:
Tough question! But I’ll go for either my matryoshka or my air balloon. 
Featured tattoo + name of artist/shop where you had it done: 
Air balloon, Joey UK, Glorybound tattoo ,Antwerpen.
Tell us a bit more about your featured tattoo, does it have a special meaning to you, background story,..?
To me it’s a symbol of the hastity of life.  Being able to be free and following your dreams. It’s one of the most important things in my life, I do whatever makes me happy, simple. But some people really struggle with it. 
Do you have any other tattoos, if so what do you have?
Tons! To name a few: Little hearts on my toes, matryoshka doll, chestpiece, a big mandala-ish flower in my neck, a sailor teddy bear with my daughter’s name, a vase with moths, a tiger and a panther on my legs, a hand holding a bird, a lucky cat, some script, etc etc etc ;)
Do you plan on getting more?
Ofcourse! the stencil for my backpiece is already in the makings, and I have a full left arm in need of some decoration, as well as some empty spots on my legs. 
How do your family, friends and surroundings feel about your tattoos? 
Most of friends do have tattoos, or want to have some. My family doesn’t mind my tattoos, but they’re not the biggest fans either. 
My mom thinks I’m getting too many, but will always defend me when someone says something bad about them. And my dad loves tattoos! We go to conventions together, and brag about new pieces. It’s lovely to be able to share this with him.
What’s the most interesting experience you’ve ever had in regards to your tattoos? 
Difficult to say. I do remember this one day I was with my grandmom and some old lady kept staring at me. I just stood there and smiled politely. She then proceeded to ask me why on earth I would ‘mutilate’ myself like that. And she told me I would never find a man and would die alone! Before I could reply my grandma said: “Everybody is going to grow old and ugly. And look at you, you old hag. I want to bet you’re alone yourself. No one could live with a bittered old b*tch like you!” woooops!
I didn’t know wether to be shocked the most by the old lady, or by my grandma!
How do you answer the cliché questions: “Did that hurt? and What will you do when you’re old?”
Like my grandma said: You’re gonna get old and ugly anyway. I rather look back at my life knowing I lived it to the fullest. 
I find the ‘did that hurt’ question annoying. What do they expect, that it feels like being tickled by a feather? I wish!
What do you feel about tattoo acceptance in the workplace? What’s your personal experience with it?
Tattoos are a form of art. Some people express themselves by dying their hair pink. I do it by getting tattoos.  I don’t think it affects the way people work. On my previous job I never had any problems. Customers thought I was ‘special’ and were surprised that someone with that many tattoos could be so friendly (lol). Right now I’m a stay at home mom, but I’m prepared for the difficulties that could occur when I’m going to start looking for a job in the future.. 
Any advice for those interested in getting tattooed?
Find an artist who makes you feel very comfortable (after all, you’re going to share something quite intimate!) and make sure he takes his time to design a great piece for you. Patience is a virtue. People who run into the first crappy shop they can find will usually get a crappy tattoo. Being on a waiting list isn’t a bad thing, it’s going to be on your body for ever, you can wait a couple of months ;)
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