Just emailed my lovely artist about tattoo-ideas.. I really hope she is keen on the idea I have for my chest, so stoked! It’s the most important piece for me personally, not because I’m getting something with a huge emotional meaning (because I’m not), but because it’s going to be visible, or partly visible, practically all the time. And that’s a huge step for me. I thought about it for 3 years now, going back and forth. But now I’m taking the plunge. And I trust Guen for 100%, I’m sure that she’s gonna make it wonderful. 

After a horrible past months I really cannot wait for this :D

April 13th I’m off to Brighton, YEAH! :D

  1. scatteredlikestars said: I can’t wait to see it! She is a wonderful artist and you have so many lovely tattoos already! Gonna look awesome <3
  2. electrifiedeye said: will there be a big reveal of what you’ve decided on?
  3. melodiexo said: they are so easy to cover up! No one’s even seen mine all winter haha
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